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“Intersvet” 2008 Exhibition

PILE HOLDING took part in the “Intersvet” exhibition in 2008, Moscow. The exhibition was aimed at demonstration of the new projects realized by the company in 2008.


City Build 2008 Exhibition

The fourth annual City Build 2008 exhibition tool place in Moscow.

The exhibition was a great opportunity to show both achievements and further trend of “Pile” Holding development.

There were numerous photos of Holding’s actualized objects during the year of 2008 exhibited on the stand.


Project for supplying lighting and furniture

We have won the tender for supplying lighting and furniture for Business Center project with € 1.100.000 budget.


PR2 Project Company has finished working on “Domodedovskiy” Trade Center lighting design project in Moscow.

The main problem for lighting designers is to implement the project in a style that would differ from the lighting style of other trade centers in Moscow. For solving this problem the designers chose plastic material –light-emitting diodes.


“Architectural decorative part of the work was the most difficult, a large quantity of emotional creative forces were put on it”, - says the author of this project, Alexander Tskhay-PR2 Project Company lighting engineer. “We wanted to be separated from all the light-design cliché, as the client's company wanted a maximum difference”.

The latest lighting system technologies which are being used by the PR2 Project Company are so wide that now they entirely allow changing the perception of a realized project- it gained characters

15.07.2008 Moscow

PR2 Project Company signed a contract with a Turkish construction company ENKA on delivery of lighting equipment to retail zone of “Metropolis” Trade Business center project in Moscow.

The entire area of construction complex is 300 000 m2, and the area of trade-entertainment part on which the equipment will be installed is 215 000 m2. Such a huge project will allow the PR2 Project Company show itself on the Russian market of lighting equipment as a powerful and large player. Cooperation of PR2 Project Company with Turkish Construction Company ENKA, one of the largest general contractors in Russia, became possible thanks to PR2 Project Company experience in trade and entertainment centers lighting specifications.

Turkish Holding ENKA was founded in 1957. Construction department of the Company deals with number of projects, bridges, airports and pipe lines in Turkey. Since 1990-es has been working in Russia


“Pile” Holding was founded in 2001. It includes several companies, specializing in interior design and fit out services, engineering construction projecting, supplying and developing the lighting equipment.


Project for construction and development

We have won the tender for construction and development of cottage houses with total area of 10.000 m2, project budget is €7.000.000

15.03.2008 Moscow

PR2 Project Company has finished working on the project of design and lighting installation of “Shuka” Trade Center in Moscow.

The lighting of 120 000 m2 façade and other surfaces of “Shuka” Trade Center took PR2 Project Company 2 months, 100 kilometer light-emitting diode lines and a brigade work of 5 specialists. “This is one of the most architectural interesting projects we worked on. The fish shape building is divided into 5 levels with light-color edges. Implemented in light-emitting diode trend, the project received a high mark not only from specialists but also from the residents of the district”,-informs the author of the project, lighting engineer Nikolay Mikhailov.

During the lighting design of the project several original concepts were created. They were all based on usage of light-emitting diode equipment of Italian manufacturers. The choice of this particular type of lighting was caused by its huge creative opportunities, giving to a designer a freedom of idea. High color transfers made the Trade Center as a town space decoration.