For Investors Corporative ethics

Corporative Ethics Code

“Pile” Holding's corporative ethics code is called to:

  • share with every employee the information about company's mission, values and main activity principles;
  • form ethic behavior standards which regulate the relationships inside the collective relationships with the clients, with the business partners, with the government bodies, with the society and with the competitors;
  • serve as a basis for the development of corporative culture, based on high ethic norms and principles;
  • Carry out a warning function in order to avoid possible violations and conflict situations.

Having the code in force, “Pile” Holding confirms its aspiration to follow the high ethic standards of business practice. Code demands are common for all the companies which are included in the structure of “Pile” Holding and every single company takes a responsibility to respect, implement and take into account the propositions of The Code in their daily activity.