For Investors Corporative management

Corporative management

The system of “Pile” holding based on corporative management is organized according to high standards and experience of the international corporations. The holding attractiveness mostly depends on literate corporative management, which promotes the consolidation of the internal control system and gives additional guarantees to the shareholders, partners and clients.

  • “Pile” Holding has corporative ethics code, which defines all the values of the company and all the main principles of its working system. The representatives of all the companies that are actually included in Holding took part in the compilation of this code.
  • The Board of Directors, which is the Head of the Holding, is collectively responsible for the company's main activity.
  • The Chairman of the Board of Directors and the General Director of the Holding have well defined areas of responsibility.
  • The procedure of designation, annual valuation of the main activity as well as the rewarding of all the members of Board of Directors is formed and is valid in the Holding for 5 years time.

The high quality of corporative management has a positive influence on business development, making the latter more dynamic and stable.