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Work in Holding
Career Work in Holding

The Work (Activity) inside the Holding

Our main goal is to be a company developing and supporting the aspiration and potentials of our employees. Only a team of professionals can solve the ambitious issues that we set before us.

When hiring the staff we give our preference to high quality workers and later pay more attention to the issues of their professional development and motivation. The Holding's human resource management system is based on the principle of partnership relationship between company and worker; on creating such atmosphere that promotes the self-realization and high results achievement. Corporative values shared by all the employees promote much more complete realization of every single person's potential in the Company, as well as his/her professional growth and progressive decision on all the raised issues.

The Corporative Ethics Code functioning inside “Pile” Holding, defines the goals, values and principles which are followed by the employees in their daily work, in relationship between them, with clients and partners of the Company.